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Undoubtedly the best store in the country. Strongly recommend.

― Artur Vasconcelos ―

Incredible selection of corals, fish and products for saltwater aquariums. Extremely experienced and very pleasant team.

― Rui Manuel Gaspar Duarte ―

Excellent service, always available for any questions.

― Victor Almeida ―

Marine aquarium reference store! Everything you need, wide variety of stocks. Impeccable staff.

― Francisco Figueiredo ―

If you want to find a store specialized in aquarium care and with an incredible range of products, be sure to visit this store. Impeccable service provided by highly experienced and qualified professionals.

― Flavio Bottiglieri ―

The top of the salt aquarium stores in the area. A world apart from the rest of the saltwater shop scene. Super accessible to help with doubts, and they don't try to push material because it's expensive but what we need. Will keep coming back and coming back and coming back and coming back...

― Nuno Mendes ―

A show of colors... Speechless.

― Joaquim Lopes ―

5 stars shop on everything.

― Hélio Teixeira ―

Excellence at all levels!

― Mauro Pires ―